Foam Seal

Foam Seal Inc manufactures closed cell PVC foam for a number of industries, including the automotive, HVAC, healthcare, and general purpose markets. This foam is manufactured with or without adhesive and utilized for sealing, gasketing and/or insulating applications. Foam Seal provides the highest value PVC foam in a variety of colors, densities and dimensions to meet the ever growing needs of our customers. We also provide excellent customer service, and will customize products to meet unique application requirements.

Why choose Foam Seal custom engineered PVC Foam & Foam Tapes?

  • Cushions against shock and vibration
  • Closed cell structures seal out light, air, dust and moisture
  • PVC Foam is resistant to most solvents and chemicals
  • Service temperatures of -20ºF to +180ºF
  • Foam available to meet OEM automotive specifications
  • All Foam Seal PVC foam is intrinsically fire resistant (Meets MVSS 302)
  • Inherently ultraviolet resistant
  • PVC Foam available with or without adhesive
  • Casting substrates include paper, polyester, aluminum

Foam Seal Closed Cell High Temperature PVC Foams from Novagard are a strong and durable – yet economical – solution for automotive manufacturing as well as general industrial and HVAC applications. These High Temperature PVC Foams are a significant improvement over traditional PVC products. These foams outperform more expensive alternatives, giving design engineers all the performance they need while simultaneously managing costs.

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When looking for a cost effective, reliable foam product to provide an excellent seal, look no further than Foam Seal – when you want the seal to last!  

PVC Foam Materials

Automotive PVC Foam

Automotive PVC Foam

Foam Seal custom engineered PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) foam provides long service life and durability in stringent automotive applications that require positive seals on irregular surfaces or when flex and conformability to seal tight radius curves are critical.

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Foam Seal PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) foam and foam tapes

General Purpose PVC Foam

Foam Seal PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) foam and foam tapes provide an economical solution to your most demanding sealing and cushioning requirements. These closed-cell PVC foams can be manufactured with or without adhesive.

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HVAC and Appliance PVC Foam

HVAC and Appliance PVC Foam

Effective thermal insulator and prevents condensation or moisture buildup on surfaces to which it is applied. Reduces vibration and deadens sound in HVAC applications.

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Medical Grade PVC Foam

Foam Seal Medical Grade Foam has been independently tested and certified to comply with the ISO 10993-10 protocol for direct skin contact. Our closed cell, low density foam can be used in a number of applications within the healthcare industry.

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Specialty PVC Foam

Specialty PVC Foam

Foam Seal specialty products include a Sof-Seal PVC foam for low force compression. Aluma-Seal for thermal insulation and anti-condensation, Glass-Pad for glass and non-porous surface, plus 70P UL compliant foam.

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Foam Seal PVC Foam


Foam Seal PVC Foam seals out light, air, dust and moisture in many applications in the transportation industry which include RV, trailers marine, bus, truck and rail businesses.

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Foam Seal ustom configurations

Custom Configurations

Foam Seal offers several custom configurations, including Backstripping and Custom Supported/Unsupported Adhesives.

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