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NovaFlex® Gutter Seal


  • Excellant adhesion and flexibility
  • All weather formula
  • Seals gutters and downspouts
  • Application Temperature -20ºF to 120ºF
  • Freeze thaw stable
  • Tack free in 10 minutes
  • 2.5 inch removable tip

NovaFlex® Gutter Seal is designed for use in gutter and rainwater applications. It is ideally suited for metal to metal and metal to plastic adhesion.


Recommended For Sealing and Bonding Around

  • Vinyl-Clad Gutters
  • Aluminum Gutters
  • Galvanized Gutters
  • Steel Gutters
  • Metal Flashing
  • Metal Trim
  • Metal Awnings
  • Downspouts