NovaFlex Qwik-Set Glazing Sealant is a two-component, 100% silicone, neutral cure sealant that develops high initial green strength so you don’t have to slow your production waiting for traditional glazings to cure in bedding and glazing of glass in residential and commercial window designs. NovaFlex Qwik-Set Glazing Sealant allows for movement of assemblies within minutes of application without silicone transfer or glass shifting.

Glass and Glazing Industry

  • Develops primerless bond to most substrates and commonly used accessories
  • High unit throughput
  • Low pumping viscosity on production equipment
  • Void-free filling of sealant joint

Long-Term Resistance to Natural Weathering

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Ultraviolet radiation
  • Rain and snow

Adheres to:

    • Plaster
    • Stucco
    • Brick
    • Glass
    • PVC
    • PVDF
    • Aluminum
    • Metal
    • Wood
    • Vinyl

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