Novagard® Silicone gels represent a break-through in UV cure technology. Through a patented chemistry and with the proper light source, the 800 series products cure in less than five seconds in sections up to 5/8” thick dependent upon product. This three to five second cure provides for shorter UV curing times and lower energy consumption. Processing speeds exceed previously unobtainable levels. Applications for Novagard® 800 Series gels include potting, sealing, and encapsulating various automotive, medical, electronics, and industrial components. Often it is desirable to salvage or reclaim damaged or defective devices; Novagard UV-cured silicones may be selectively removed with relative ease allowing for quick repairs and re-potting.

Key Electrical Property Test Method RTV 800-610 RTV 800-620
Dielectric Constant ASTM D 150 @ 100Hz ASTM D 150 @ 100KHz 3.30
Dissipation Factor ASTM D 150 @ 100Hz ASTM D 150 @ 100KHz 0.0039
Dielectric Strength ASTM D 149 506 V/mil(20kV/mm) 481 V/mil(19kV/mm)
Volume Resistivity ASTM D 257 5.41 x 1014
4.66 x 1014