No Oven. No Racking. No Brainer

Move components to the next step of assembly in less than 5 seconds.

Novagard’s UV Dual Cure silicone conformal coating dries tack-free in seconds. Savvy manufacturers can now skip the oven cure, eliminate racking, and cut valuable time off their processes without compromising quality.

Our 800-505 UV Dual Cure silicone conformal coating

    • exhibits excellent dielectric properties
    • offers better protection from corrosion and other harsh environmental elements than other coating technologies such as acrylics and urethanes
    • is easily applied using standard PCB spray coating equipment
    • adheres to a variety of plastic and metal substrates, including FR-4, copper, aluminum, and PET

There’s no compromise on coverage – 800-505’s secondary cure is an electronics-grade, alkoxy cure, with no unreacted coating remaining in shadow areas.

“No racking, no ovens. It’s a no-brainer – think of the space, maintenance cost, and energy savings alone.”

Many physical properties of Novagard’s 800-505 materials can be customized, including viscosity, hardness, and rate of cure.

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